About Us

Things are done a bit differently here, and that's the way we like it!


About Me

My name is Dave Benton. I have worked in and on many start-ups and mid-size enterprises across numerous industries during my 18 years in private equity.

What I discovered is that I love doing what most hate. I love building systems and processes. It may not be as sexy as being out front on stage but it creates a lot of what's important: PROFIT! Whether it's through cost savings or revenue generation, it's all profit.

Why am I venturing into email automation? Because it's fun and interesting. Let's work through your buyer personas and journey together, then let me automate those boring repeatable bits to increase visitor engagement, conversions and revenue!

The Team

Ha! There is no team! I work independently and focus on email automation. However, I do love working with teams.

I can work with you directly, your team, or help you source a contracted team from my network of designers, developers, user experience experts, etc.

Whatever your needs. I can help you get it done!

Why Do I Focus on Drip?

There are many email automation tools and many digital agencies bounce between numerous tools. I was on a personal hunt to find something better than simple broadcasting, e.g. MailChimp, and the big expensive tools, e.g. Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

I was looking for a tool and a person who could provide me that solution. I didn't have much luck finding the person so I went looking for the tool. After much searching and many trials, I found Drip.co. It was MY solution. It provides email campaigns, broadcasts, a single subscriber list with segmentation and, most importantly, automation.

Fast-forward a few months and many conversations with business owners. There are a lot of businesses who need help automating the generation of leads and closing business. Since what I enjoy is optimizing business processes, marketing email automation was a natural fit.